SPH Foundation Photography Contest - A Sustainable Tomorrow

1st Prize Winner

Harmonious Integration

Ong Yi Chao

2nd Prize Winner

To A Bright Future

Lemjay Lucas

3rd Prize Winner

The Circle of Life

William Ong

Consolation Prize Winners

Urban Farming

Alex Goh

Nature · Nurture

Ron Low

Together, We Recycle

Suhaimi Abdullah

HDB Gardening

Lim Wee Chin

Caring for Nature

Teo Chin Leong

A Garden City

Lemjay Lucas

A delicate balance between sustainability, green nature spaces, heritage and modern development

Tan Geng Hui

Eat What We Grow

Steven Sung

Eco friendly Lifestyle

Ong Yi Chao


Ler Siong Ong

Garden in the City

Alex Goh

Good Morning

Ron Low

Moving towards a car lite society

Vincent Ling

Recycling is a way for a sustainable tomorrow

David Hong

Sustainable Future

Ong Yi Chao

The Golden Pillar

Jojo Lau LC

Wind Power

Lemjay Lucas